Onet Digital Networks Private Limited

The Company, provide the Future Proof telecommunication infrastructure network architecture & ultra high speed broadband services. Using state of art technology, the FTTH architecture ensures uninterrupted unlimited bandwidth for last mile connectivity.

FTTH, all telecommunication companies rate it as most futuristic & best technology for high-speed, high quality & unlimited carrying capacity network, eventually replacing all or part of the metal loop used for last-mile telecommunication.

The Broadband itself has a ability to transport multiple signal & traffic types simultaneously via various medium. In FTTH, Optical fiber is used as the medium, where as Optical fiber is flexible slightly thicker than hair fiber made of glass and it function as pipe caring light from one end to another, having capacity to transport unlimited bandwidth & 'n' number of services.

Onet Services


Lighting speed broadband connectivity.

CCTV Surveillance

Provide security for your home or workplace.

FTTH Network

Uninterrupted unlimited bandwidth for last mile connectivity.

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